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Han Ying, PhD candidate,published a paper entitled "Numerical simulation on micromixing of viscous fluid in a stirred-tank reactor" in CES.

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      我组博士研究生韩颖撰写的《Numerical simulation on micromixing of viscous fluid in a stirred-tank reactor》在化工国际顶级期刊Chemical Engineering Science(Volume 74, 28 May 2012, Pages 9–17)上发表,该工作首次提出将描述化学反应的有限速率/涡耗散模型,描述微观混合的卷吸模型与计算流体力学相结合,并将其应用于中高粘体系的模拟中,较准确的预测了一组复杂反应的产物选择性,对反应的设计,优化,放大具有非常积极的作用。

Abstract:Micromixing of viscous systems in astirred-tankreactor with Rushton turbine is investigated numerically. It is characterized by the product selectivity of parallel competitive reactions. Flow fields inside the reactor are determined by the Reynolds Stress Model (RSM). A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method combining the standard E model and Finite-Rate/Eddy-Dissipation (FR/ED) model is implemented and is validated using experimental data in the literature. The simulations show that a higher agitation speed, a lower fluid viscosity and/or a feeding location closer to the discharge area of the impeller favor micromixing and the reaction rate. The trajectory of the reaction plume also influences the micromixing performance. The value of the FR/ED model parameter determined by lab-scale experiments decreases with increasing fluid viscosity. However, it is little affected by the agitation speed. These results provide useful guidelines for the scale-up of industrial reactors with complex chemical reactions.