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Research field

Aiming at "polymer preparation process engineering", our group carries out the design, optimization and scaleup of reactor, process simulation and optimization of the polymerization process, the polymer reactive extrusion and modification. Combining the computational chemical engineering and experimental study, we reveal the non-ideal characteristics of the polymerization reactor to achieve the optimal design of the reactor; closely integrated industrial polymerization reactor based on the mechanism and kinetics of polymerization, to modeling, optimizating, soft measurement and control of the polymerization process; study the principle of polymer reactive extrusion process and morphology evolution based on reaction engineering theory, to realize the high performance modification of polymer material.

Research Interest

1 Computational chemical engineering
Experimental study and CFD modeling of high viscosity non-Newtonian fluid flow and mixing process
Experimental study and CFD simulation of multiphase systems (gas-liquid and gas-solid)

2 Reactor scale-up and optimization
Intensification of heat and mass transfer in reactor
R&D of the self-cleaning reactor for ultra high viscosity fluid
Development of large-scale industrial reactor

3 Polymerization process modeling and optimization
Polymerization process modeling, steady state and dynamic simulation based on the reaction mechanism and kinetics
polymerization process design and optimization
polymerization process online detection, state estimation and optimal control

4 Synthesis and modification for high performance Polymer, and polymer reactive extrusion processing and modification
Flow, mixing and reactive extrusion principle in extruder
Evolution of polymer reactive extrusion process
High-performance polymer materials (reactive processing modification, polymer foaming)

On-going Projects