Maximization of the efficiency of polymerization process

Polymer Reaction Engineering mainly serves mass industrial production, to strengthen the process as the main task, to optimize the process techn...

Controllability of Polymer Product Structures

The controllability of polymer product structures means the controllability of macrostructures and microstructures during the synthesis, modific...

Green Polymerization Process and Polymer Product

Ideal ecofriendly and green polymers represent the polymers whose raw materials, polymerization process, processing, and final products are all ...

Practicability of functional polymer material

Functional polymer is a kind of polymer with particular functional group or structure to show special functions (energy transformation, separati...

About US

With its origin as plastics engineering research section founded in 1958, Institute of Polymerization and Polymer Engineering (IPPE) is restructured from Research Laboratory of Polymer Reaction Engineering in 1972. In 1990, Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering was established, and renamed as Institute of Polymerization and Polymer Engineering in 2009. Over the past 50 years, more than 1000 students graduated from the institute have become CEOs and CTOs of top Chinese companies including the CEO of Sinopec, and presidents of top Chinese comprehensive research universities.