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The group was found in the early 1980s, aiming at the industrialization of polymerization process, in particular, for stirred reactor design and scale up. We have trained a group of distinguished doctoral, graduate students, such as Zhu Xiu-Lin, Pan Qin-Min, Yu Sheng-Yao, Min Wei-Guo, Xu Shi-Ai, Wang Wen-Qing. At the beginning of the new century, the group's research areas are expanded to the polymer reactive extrusion and modification, simulation and optimization of the polymerization process, which ranging from mesoscopic (polymer morphology), macro (reactor scale) to the systems engineering scale (process level) for solving the problems in polymer preparation process engineering. Number of scientific research results have been applied in industrial plants, e.g. 60,000 tons of acrylic polymerization reactor and its family of mixing equipment, 10 million tons of polyester bottle-chip device, ton of silicone rubber equipment, first set of million tons of isoamyl rubber polymerization device, 100-ton carbon fiber polymerization reactor. Majority of graduated doctors and masters from our group serve as teachers in university, the backbone of foreign-funded enterprises, the leaders of well-known domestic enterprises, entrepreneurs of private enterprise.
Our group are composed of four faculties (Professor Feng Lian-Fang, Wang Jia-Jun associate professor, Zhang Cai-Liang associate professor, Gu Xue-Ping lecturer), and three visiting professors, Professor Hu Guohua from France, Professor Dai Liming from the United States and Professor Lin Tong from Australia who are in close long-term and stable cooperation and joint training of PhD and graduate students.