Prof. Guorong SHAN and Prof. Yongzhong BAO's Group

Your Position:Prof. Guorong SHAN and Prof. Yongzhong BAO's Group


Our group’s research focuses on the interdiscipline of chemical engineering and polymer materials, such as the control and optimization of the structure and property of polymer, and the industrialization of general purpose and functional polymer. Works in our group can be divided into four broad areas: (i) Polymerization and technic of halogen monomer; (ii) Polymerization process and kinetics of homo/heterogeneous polymerization; (iii) Bio-based and bio-degradable polymer; (iv) Fluoride silicon functional materials. Mor...

Mr.Shang's paper Dr. Pan's paper on Crystalline Structure and Molecular Dynamics of poly(lactic acid) was published in Macromolecules Dr. Lv's paper Group activity at Zhoushan islands PhD and master students attended the Hangzhou International Polymer Forum 2011